Generator is a long term collaborative project that aspires to contribute to the development of performing arts for young audiences in the Balkan region. Central to the project are children, their position in society and issues important for their advancement and future. Therefore Generator will focus on potentials that performing arts and its related practices have, their ability to communicate with children, introduce and renegotiate systems of valorization as well as address relevant and sensitive issues from diverse perspectives. All this is supposed to be implemented as a set of tools for various education programmes of theaters, dance centers and venues, kinder gardens, elementary and special schools, parents and families. It will join the forces of all regional players and make the new platform more visible, efficient and socially relevant.

Generator programme activities are:
  • Mapping - Local context research and collecting relevant information related to the interest field of Generator. Gathered information will be systematised and published on our website with the aim to serve as a reference in the future and make a base for further researches in the field
  • Artistic Laboratories  - intensive creative processes, conducted by established artists-mentors
  • Task-oriented workshops -  will focus on the particular issues based on the experiences of the laboratories working on developing models, methodologies, finding solutions and making concrete outcomes.
  • Productions of the outcomes of the Task-oriented workshops

Partner organizations
Station Service for contemporary dance, Belgrade - Serbia
Dance Center TALA, Zagreb – Croatia 
Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia - Platform for contemporary performing arts, Skopje – Macedonia
CEM-Center for Education of Young People Travnik - Bosnia and Herzegovina
The main goal is to empower educational and cultural sectors with knowledge and practical models of work with and for children and to establish and develop sustainable connections between education and artistic sectors. It is to be done through mobilization of the existing actors and initiatives and through a common focus: a network of experts, user-friendly tools, easily accessible communication platform and an offer of production models to be further explored. The artistic goals are to sensibilize and educate artists for work with and for children and to contribute to revalorisation of values, artistic and educational methodologies dominant in the system.

  • To create a collaborative network of experts in theater and dance for children;
  • To map the existing potentials in the Balkans: people, projects, institutions, venues, festivals, programs, education programs etc;
  • To create user-friendly tools for investigation of use and engagement of theater and dance by teachers, educators, families and parents and so on, based on the workshops and laboratories realized in the project;
  • To stimulate interest of relevant structures in education, arts and culture and social affairs for contemporary performing arts.

Generator is supported by: Balkan Arts and Culture Foundation, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Serbia, Belgrade City Assembly..