Interactive dance installation 'Museum of Dance"

The team of choreographers from Macednia: Elena Risteska, Viktorija Iloska and Kliment Poposki were invited to the residency in Belgrade, Serbia, in the period August 30th - September 8th, with the aim to develop further their idea on interactive dance installation for children, under the mentorship of Dalija Aćin Thelander.
The process resulted in work-in-progess Interactive dance installation "The Museum of Dance" for children age 2-5 which was open for the audience for two days.

This unusual performance-installation was inspired by the history of dance and choreography. It was created in a way to provide the children of 3 to 7 year-old with stimulative interactive experience through which they will get acquainted with contemporary dance. It was conceived as a space installation that consists of several segments with contents allowing various and specific ways of stimulation of perception and suggesting unusual encounters with dance through direct experience, physical activity and creativity.
Addressing children’s curiosity and creating a structure in which children can participate, examine and discover themselves and others, this project suggests a new, immediate experience of art and a specific encounter with contemporary dance.

Interactive aspect of this project is of great importance because it shares with children a unique experience: their role and participation in performance without adults will encourage them and foster their insight of themselves and others from a new perspective, it will spark their responsibility and cooperation, it will intrigue their curiosity and contribute to their understanding of dance and art.

As a modular peformance, Museum of Dance will be further presented around the Balkan Region and transferred to all interested partners. 

Artistic mentoring and visual design: Dalija Aćin Thelander (RS/SE)
Co-production: Station Service for Conteporary Dance and Generator