'How to introduce children to theatre and theatre to children' - Handbook for kindergartens

How to introduce children to theatre and theatre to children- Handbook for kindergartens was created by theatre and dance artists who work for and with children. The Handbook is published in 4 languages (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian and Macedonian) in order to be implemented in kindergartens in Balkan Region and it is available online as a pdf.

The aim of this Handbook is to encourage and support professionals who work in kindergartens and who are mediators in the first children’s encounters with theatre. It suggests the activities which can contribute to sensibilization of children for theatre and related arts. The Handbook proposes variety of ways to get children acquainted with theatre, to inspire them and to encourage them to think, to engage in dialogues and to create. Their early encounter with theatre can be of prime importance for all their future experiences of art just as preparation for the theatre experience and triggering of their curiosity and imagination influence in great extent the quality of their encounter with theatre.

Content of the Handbook

The Handbook is segmented in accordance to specific activities.
The first part concerns the activities such as a visit to theatre, a introduction to the theatre building as well as with acquaintance with spaces, mechanisms and crafts which are relevant to creation of a performance. The second part focuses on the experience of theatre performance, preparation for this experience, the exchange of experiences and application of these experiences through new activities.
The third part concerns the evaluation of each activity and monitoring of the achievements.

Authors: Irena Ristić (SER), Dalija Aćin Thelander (RS/SE) and Larisa Navojec (CRO)
Illustrations: Siniša Ilić (RS)
Graphic design: Katarina Popović (RS)
Published in September 2015